The Tennessee Arts Collective mission is to present innovated collections of visual and pe

It is the mission of the Tennessee Arts Collective to bring innovated collections and experiences of the visual and performing arts to Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Chattanooga Skyline by Micahel Tompsett.jpg

Tennessee Arts Collective launched in 2021 to provide more collaborative experiences with the visual and performing arts. Co- Founders, Stacey and Amy are committed to expand the opportunities for the youth to explore the arts as well as innovative performances and showcases that bridge together all art forms. 

In the coming months, we are presenting The Collective Art Series, a 6 month program that provides free visual and performing art classes to the youth. This program is partially funded by ArtsBuild. Additionally, we are featuring 9 artists during the Women in History; from then to now Showcase in March 2022. Check out all of our events and we invite you to join us!